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The Rich Man & Lazarus

Luke 16:19-31. This story confronts us with the sobering reality of man’s ultimate destiny in the afterlife, either in heaven or hell. The rich man only lived for this life and love of money and never coming to the saving knowledge of Christ. Lazarus found the eternal comfort and peace that the gospel offers to […]

The Kingdom of God

Luke 13:18-35. What is the Kingdom of God like? How can we be sure we will enter in? Will many or few be saved? How do we enter in the narrow gate? Will there be a literal, future Messianic Kingdom on the earth? These important questions are addressed in this challenging passage of scripture. 

The Greatest Tragedy of All

Luke 13:1-17. Why do good people suffer? And how do we explain tragedy when it hits? Jesus uses this question to address the greatest tragedy of all, that someone would pass from this life without salvation! Jesus stresses the need to repent and turn to him while there is still time! Once we turn to […]

What Child is This?

Luke 2:8-20. One of the carols puts forth the all-important question “What Child is This?”. So many know the events of the Christmas story, without knowing the actual meaning. Who was born that day? Why did He need to come? And what does it mean for you or me? May God answer these questions afresh […]