Peacehaven Evangelical Free Church.

Mission Statement:
To promote the Gospel in a family situation but with a global overview, bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians to be examples in prayer, evangelism and fellowship. Providing a place of worship where the preaching and teaching of God’s word is paramount, with our ultimate goal being church growth by conversions and baptism..

New to area
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If you are new to this area, we want to give you a special welcome and invite to to come and see us. We are a very friendly and happy group of people of all ages who enjoy meeting new faces.

Even if you are not new to the area but have not visited us before we promise you a very warm welcome at all times.

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Calendar of events

Visit here to see the events that we have planned.

Most of our events are open to everyone, even if you have not been to visit us before. We are always genuinely happy to see new faces and to welcome you as friends.

Contact us for more information on any of the events.

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Missionary work
Missionary Work

Peacehaven Evangelical Church has been involved in dedicated missionary work for many years. We have had may visits to India and funded and built churches and an orphanage in Orissa.

God has blessed us and the people of Orissa so much over the passed years, and both us and the people of Orissa have a wonderful story to tell.

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Young People and Teens
Young People and teens

We have many facilities for young people from the very young at our mother and toddlers groups, through all ages up to early teens in our Chillax Christian youth group.

We also have a flourishing Sunday school named 'Sunday School' during Sunday services. We also provide a creche area for parents and very young children.

All are welcome to join, even if you don't know us yet.

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A loving message to those that do not yet know Jesus:

Some of us may not believe in God, and some of us may believe that He exists but have not yet come to Jesus. Today's world will try and tell us that we are on our own, and that God does not exist. One thing is true, that whatever we believe, God does exist and He believes in us because He made us and the world we live in.

God is a God of love, and He loves every one of us regardless of what we believe, who we are, what we are like, or what we have done. We live in a world that has become sinful due to our rejection of God, and because of that sin and the evil that causes it, there is pain and suffering and death everywhere we look.

Jesus the Son of God came to this world to pay the price for that sin by dying on the cross that we may be saved; this was the greatest gift of love that anyone can possibly receive. He arose again and promises to be with us and guide us in this life, to help us when we need help, and He has a wonderful eternity waiting for all of those that will accept His free gift of salvation and to be born again into His Kingdom..

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