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The Day of Atonement

Leviticus 16:3-30. Jesus is described as our High Priest through the book of Hebrews (Heb 4:14). He made a way for us to enter the Heavenly Sanctuary, bringing salvation by grace and an open entrance to God’s Presence always. The duties of the High Priest on Yom Kippur foreshadow the work Jesus finished for us […]

The Wonder of Grace

Eph 1:6-7. The reality and experience of grace will often leave us with a sense of awe and wonder. However, it’s very possible that the unguarded believer can lose that sense of wonder. We must often be looking to the word and to the Holy Spirit to be quickened, again and again, being renewed and […]

A Plot to Distract, Discredit & Deceive

Neh 6:1-10. The focus of the enemy now falls personally in Nehemiah. They try to distract him through an invitation, discredit him through lies, and deceive him through dishonesty, but Nehemiah was able to say “Oh No” to Ono and stand fast in his calling. May we also discern the enemies plots against us and […]