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Covetousness vs Contentment

Luke 12:12-34. In this heart searching passage, Jesus warns against covetousness, the insatiable desire and greed that always wants more. He tells the parable about the foolish farmer who has not consider eternity and only stored up treasure on the earth. Jesus clarifies that life is not about storing up treasures on earth, but also […]

The Gospel of Grace

Acts 20:24. Why is the gospel “good news”? Is it true that someone can be saved in a moment of faith, without works? What does a person really have to do to be saved? Isn’t “just believing” too easy? As we consider the astounding, pure gospel of grace afresh it deeply encourages us in our […]

The Feeding of The 5000

Luke 9:1-17. Sandwiched between Herod’s question of “Who is this?” and Jesus’ question “Who Do You Say I am?” Is the astounding miracle of multiplying the loaves and fish. Each one must consider this miracle, among many, and then answer this all-important question!