Peacehaven Evangelical Free Church is part of the FIEC. This is a network of churches working together in a common mission that gives each local church the opportunity to express true New Testament interdependence, in which there is the sharing of information, vision, people and money for the cause of spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

FIEC is not a top-down denomination; our emphasis is on member churches ministering to each other and cooperating together. Wherever possible, we encourage churches to work together in groups, each with its own appointed Visitor. However, some things are organised centrally by the Council. These include:

  1. Personal visits to pastors and congregations for their encouragement and practical support.
  2. Advisory services, including specialist trust advice, and help with legal and financial matters.
  3. Confidential guidance to pastors and churches through the Pastors’ Association and the FIEC’s Care and Recognition Team.
  4. Publications such as our free magazine Together; the FIEC Directory listing churches and ministers as well as giving information on the extensive range of FIEC activities and ministries; and the Churches’ Handbook containing practical information on every aspect of church life.
  5. Occasional conferences and other events on matters relevant to gospel churches.  Reports, prayer letters and relevant information bulletins are sent to each church several times a year.

What does FIEC offer our church?

FIEC offers a gospel flag under which to fly. With the Christian world as diverse as it is today, being one with nearly 500 other Christ-centred and gospel-driven churches, is a way of identifying where you stand. It also offers an extensive advice service on 101 practical issues in an increasingly complex and regulated world. The practical demands on church leaders are growing all the time and it is immensely helpful to have access to resources that are geared to the needs of independent churches.