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The Kingdom Reign of the Messiah

Rev 20:1-11. Revelation chapter 20 describes the Lord Jesus reigning on the earth with the resurrected saints for a thousand years. It is a chapter that is avoided by many and has been a source of controversy for others. Is this passage describing a literal future reign of Jesus on this earth or is it […]

It is Finished

John 19:30. Just before he died, Jesus uttered on the cross the momentous words ‘It is finished’. What did Jesus mean by this declaration? What are some of the benefits and blessings that his followers should expect to experience from the fulfilment of these words? Hpw does understanding “the finished work” effect your life personally?

The Angel of The Lord

Did Christ ever appear in the Old Testament? Can we conclude that “The Angel of The Lord” in the Old Testament is speaking of a pre-incaranate appearance of Jesus? What insights can we gain of the person of Christ from studying these appearances? Enjoy this over view brought to us afresh by Brian Melia.