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Who Do You Say That I Am?

Luke 9:17-36. During Jesus’ public ministry people had to make conclusions about the identity of Jesus. Many offered suggestions on who He might be, but Jesus asked his disciples what they believed and who they thought he was. While the Jewish leaders had hardened their hearts in unbelief, the disciples had come to believe that […]

The Feeding of The 5000

Luke 9:1-17. Sandwiched between Herod’s question of “Who is this?” and Jesus’ question “Who Do You Say I am?” Is the astounding miracle of multiplying the loaves and fish. Each one must consider this miracle, among many, and then answer this all-important question! 

The Identity of Jesus

Luke 8:22-56. Luke records some astounding miracles to show that Jesus had ultimate power and authority over nature, demons, sickness and even death itself. These miracles lead us to the question “Who do you say that I am?” (9:20). Thankfully, like Peter, we know the answer, that He is the Messiah, The Saviour and The […]