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The Restoring Love of Christ

John 21:15-25. Peter denied the Lord 3 times, before witnesses, around a coal fire in the High priest’s courtyard. In this amazing passage, we see The resurrected Lord restore Peter, with a 3-fold question about love, before witnesses, around a coal fire on the Galilee. This powerful sermon explores the restoring power of understanding Christ’s […]

Not Seeing, Yet Believing

John 20:20-31. Thomas was not present at that first meeting when Jesus appeared to the group. He stubbornly told the others he would not believe unless he saw and touched from himself. The following Sunday his stubborn unbelief would be turned into living faith when he saw the risen Christ and said “my Lord, My […]

The Empty Tomb

John 20:1-20. The composite view of the resurrection story is not so easy to piece together. It takes some careful comparison of the gospels to lay down the timeline for that special Sunday morning. In this study of the most important day in history, we piece together the events that Resurrection morning.