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Jesus & The Passover Seder

Ex 6:6-7. The Passover (Seder) Meal involved various parts & elements used to remember deliverance from Egypt. Jesus took the broken matzoh (Afikomen) and the 3rd cup of that night (cup of redemption) and said “do this in remembrance of me”. During Passover and every communion, we remember our salvation through Christ, the true Passover […]

Meeting with God

Exodus 3:1-6, Acts 7:23-29. Sometimes God wants to get our attention. This happened with Moses when he saw the burning bush. God wanted to meet Him, speak to him and call him afresh, Moses turned aside, hear God’s voice, took off his shoes and met with God. How crucial it is for us to respond […]

Christ Our Passover

Exodus 12:1-14. The remarkable story of Israel’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt centres around the sacrifice of The Passover Lamb. The New Testament clearly declares that Christ is OUR Passover, sacrificed for us. What treasures can we discover as we explore this amazing truth together?