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End Times Seminar – Session 3

The book of Revelation, chapters 4-5, usher us into the throne room, to behold the Lion of Judah take the scroll, poised to break the 7 seals. But what do the seals mean? What happens on earth when the seals are broken? Who is the rider of the first horse? How is this all contributing […]

The Kingdom Reign of the Messiah

Rev 20:1-11. Revelation chapter 20 describes the Lord Jesus reigning on the earth with the resurrected saints for a thousand years. It is a chapter that is avoided by many and has been a source of controversy for others. Is this passage describing a literal future reign of Jesus on this earth or is it […]

The Second Coming

Revelation 1:7-8 (Slideshow Download Available) The return of our Lord is a crucial focal point of the scriptures and an important study for each Christian to understand. What great hope and longing rests in the believers heart, awaiting the rapture and the inevitable second advent. The Spirt and the Bride say come.

Heaven Complete

Revelation 21-22  Looking up through the stars and the wonderful celstial realities of God’s creation, we consider Heaven. What encouragement to our hearts to have the assurance of heaven as we live our lives here on earth.