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God Knows, God Hears, God Cares

Is 40:27-31. In troubled times such as these, we may sometimes wonder what God is doing and even ask “where are you, Lord?”. David certainly asked this throughout the psalms and Israel would ask this through their difficult history. But when our emotions or experience may not reflect the presence or faithful hand of God […]

Unto Us..

Isaiah 9:6-7. This remarkable prophecy begins with the precious words:  ‘Unto us a child is born…’ and proceeds to predict the ministry and character of our Saviour Jesus with stunning accuracy. It anticipated the wonder of the incarnation and the divinity of the One born to Mary, whilst giving insight into His wonderful character and […]

Come and Buy without Money

Isaiah 55:1-3. Grace is so clearly defined and explained through these wonderful verses in Isaiah 55. Before our God we are bankrupt, our own righteousness unable to merit anything from God, and yet He invited us to come and buy, without money and without price. That’s grace!