Does God help those who help themselves?


Have you ever heard anyone say “God helps those who help themselves” ?

It’s often thrown around as if it’s a Bible verse or contains some spiritual wisdom, however it might surprise some to hear that this saying is not from The Bible. In fact the gospel might be better summed up by saying that “God helps those who can’t help themselves”. The Bible basically teaches that if we had to earn our way to heaven by being good, then heaven would be an place today. No one could do anything to pay for his sin or merit anything from God. No one could ever earn their way to heaven, and no one means “no one”!.

When we realise we are not perfect and need grace, we then find it. When we face the fact that we are needy sinners and in that sense “cannot help ourselves” that’s when God’s help, grace and mercy comes through.

The Bible doesn’t say that God gives grace to the strong, but to the humble. It doesn;t say Jesus came for those who are whole (as no one is) but to thoese who are in need and spiritually sick. God isn’t looking for the strong, competent person who thinks he has worked out his life and has no need for God. There is nothing wrong with admitting that we are not perfect, not able, not strong and that we have need.

We only say “help” when we have need and may only find help when we call out for it. Paul was able to say that he saw his weaknesses and in his weakness he found grace and was made strong. God is ready to help the needy, the weak and those who cannot help themselves. Ask Him for help today, ..if you think you need it 😉


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