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Do not Boast Against the Branches

Romans 11:18. Paul’s warning to the Gentiles in the Roman church, not to be arrogant towards the Jews, is a sobering message. As we look closely at this passage, and other relevant Scriptures concerning Israel and the Church, we examine whether this warning was heeded by Gentile churches and consider how Paul’s teaching should shape […]

God’s Love Demonstrated

Romans 5:8. Do you ever question God’s love for you? How persuaded are you that He loves you always? unconditionally? right now? Sometimes we wonder if He still loves us when we have failed and flat on my face. Yet God seeks to prove His love towards us in our best and worst state. Sit […]

Man’s Demerit & God’s Unmerited Favour

Through the Bible, we see that Man’s demerit over and against God’s unmerited favour. These 2 doctrines help us understand the glorious gospel. Man is a bankrupt debtor with nothing to offer, no righteousness, no merit, no answer, no defense. He is undeserving and unworthy and yet becomes the great benefactor of God’s matchless grace. […]

Grafted into the Olive Tree

(We apologise that the Introduction of this sermon was not recorded) Romans 11:17 (Slideshow Download Available) In Rom 11 Paul teaches that the Gentiles partake in the Spiritual blessings of the Abrahamic covenant, pictured in being grafted into the tree and connected to the thr rich root of blessing.