The Message of Purim for Uncertain Times

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Today I got an email from a dear fellow, entitled – The Devil is at Work. He proceeded to shared his troubled heart in that “the world is in such a mess and God is no where to be seen?” Notice the question mark, as there is a good question for us all there! I empathized with this brother. We all know that it is a challenge to rest in our faith during such dark times. The age old questions of “why is there so much suffering” and “where is God?” are not easy to answer. However The Bible speaks to us and offers a resting place for our faith. God is not sleeping. He sees all and He is working.

Below is my response & reflections –  I thought I’d post is to encourage our hearts on this special feast day, the feast of Purim

History has been laden with such tragic headlines hasn’t it? The Bible is loaded with the conflict of this present evil world over against the redemptive work of God. The times we live in seem to beg for justice and some reconciliation, do they not? But it’s not only now, but all through history of old. What about the Second World War for example? Believers then also had to reconcile the troubled times with the plan and person of God. As evil as that time was, Zionism has many of its roots in WW1 and Israel been founded again as a nation is due to WW2. Something we recognize today as a miracle, not to mention a fulfilment of prophecy. The Bible is not a book that paints a picture without evil, but one where evil often stands centre stage! and yet, something beautiful often rises from the ashes that it leaves behind. Isn’t that the story we find through the scriptures?

Ironically, as we exchange emails, it is Israel’s feast of Purim today, March 6th. You know what that celebrates? The events in the book of Esther. In that book, Hamaan stands centre stage – a man of great evil, a foreshadowing of Hitler in the past and the anti-Christ of the future! He sought to destroy, annihilate the whole Jewish people! Yep, slaughter them all. And yet the book brings a focus on the most subtle work of providence that turns the whole thing around. It celebrates in the providential hand of God bringing about something redemptive. The Jews celebrate that today! I think it stands as quite a helpful answer to the struggles we all have to fathom the evil of our days – and the points you alluded to. It might be noted that you don’t see the answer, the beauty or redemption at the beginning of the book, or even the middle, but only the end. The same might be said of the book of Job, and of course the gospels themselves lead us to the cross, but follow with the resurrection! Not to mention the book of Revelation that ends with his glorious return!

The Lord never promised the world would be at peace or that evil would not reign, but in fact the very opposite. Currently this world lies at the feet of men, the energies of evils hearts and the actions of a demonic host. This is why the longing in the scriptures and in the heart of every spiritually minded Christian is for, yes, the present work of redemption, but all the more for the day of Christ’s return – then, and only then, will justice, righteousness and peace  finally be established on the earth.

There is no comfort in the latest headlines, nor in the reasonings of natural men, but only in the Word of God.

Happy Purim!

Graham King


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