Vi was born in Looe, Cornwall, but brought up by her Christian parents in her hometown of Plymouth. She became a Christian at the age of 12 at an “Endeavour meeting” in her church in Plymouth and was Baptised when she was 15 years old. Vi was a faithful member of the Girls Life Brigade (later Girls Brigade) and at the age of 18 became an officer in the company.

Her life changed again when, in 1968, a young youth evangelist came to work in Plymouth as part of an Evangelical team. As they say, “the rest is history”. Jeff and Vi were married February 1970 and moved to Newhaven to start their new married life together and occasionally attended PEFC for services.

When Jeff joined the prison service, they had to leave East Sussex, moving to the IOW, and became involved with Newport Baptist. With a Promotion, and 3 young children in tow, they moved on to Plymouth for 6 years and then eventually returned to Sussex in 1986, where they joined the fellowship at PEFC.

Vi was involved in starting a Girls Brigade company at the church, along with several other areas of church ministry, including catering flower arranging and cleaning. She is now also a key part of the team that faithfully runs the parent and Baby/Toddler group each week. Vi is an integral part of the team and church life at PEFC, faithfully serving behind the scenes and encouraging people all the time. She prays she can continue to serve the Lord for as long as she can, and we are deeply thankful for her life, faith, example and encouragement in the church family.