Love One Another

21.11.23 love one another
We do well to pay attention when God repeats Himself. “Love One another” the scriptures say, again and again.
…and yet the irony is that this is something that we cannot do. Not in the way it is asked of us. Try as we might, we discover again and again that our love falls so short.
And yet this mandate is laid before us. What are we to do? The trouble is that as Christians we tend to try to “live up to something”, rather than “rest in something”. To love one another is not found in trying to do so, but in yielding to him who “pours His love in our hearts”. The high, agape love spoken of here, is the “fruit of The Spirit” ONLY and there lies the simple answer. This is not something we are called upon to do in the flesh but in the Spirit.
If you think you can love as you should, then read of love defined in 1 Corinthians 13 to be quickly reminded how far short your love falls. oh how limited, partial, measured and conditional our love is.
Ah, but as Christians, we are able to love one another, by HIS love and only by His Spirit in us. Oh What a joy and privilege that we can truly “love one another”.

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