Grace For Strange Times Such As These

20.04 Though the fig may not blossom


We find ourselves in such an unusual season of our lives. An unprecedented time that is affecting the whole world.  There still remains much uncertainty going forward, with much that remains to be seen. How long will this last? How many lives? What about the economy? How might it change our world? Oh, we sense the uncertainty all around us, yet as believers, we are so deeply thankful for the resting place we all have in our hearts. While there may be so much concern and worry around us, we have such peace available to us always. We know He is with us and keeps us. We know He has a plan and daily grace for us all. We let our requests be made known to Him and His peace governs our hearts (Phil 4:6-7). We do not live in Fear, knowing He is a very present help in trouble (Psalm 4:6). We know that His grace is sufficient for us all (2 Cor 12:9). We cast our cares on Him for He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) and Though the “fig tree does not blossom”, yet we will rejoice! (Hab 3:17-18).


Marina & I are realizing how we will always look back on these times as a family and remember the “lock-down days” of the Corona Virus. Starting the mornings together with Bible devotions & prayer as a family, printing the school schedules and trying to keep on task. Marina working from home and taking calls in the other room and all of us trying to juggle our responsibilities and work through the day. all locked up int he house, along with our new little kitten acclimating to her new home and family. Taking walks through the quiet streets to the sea, picking up some essentials from the bare supermarket shelves, with social-distancing on everyone’s mind. Such interesting days. Who would have known a couple of weeks ago we would have been locking up church completely and not see each other for such a time? Yet, although we are all aware of the crisis all around us, we cannot help seeing that these are also great days for us all. As Christians, we know that God has something special for us in every season if we look for it. What an opportunity for pause, for renewal, for a re-focus on the important things in life. To rekindle our faith, to renew our devotion, to be in The Word, to love our families, to pray for our community and our church. What great opportunities!


We consider the incredible open-door through the Livestream services twice a week, with hundreds tuning in for lives services and hundreds more listening to the sermons later. Yesterday’s sermon has already had over 2.5 thousand clicks on Facebook alone! We have had people connecting with us live from India, Nepal, Germany, America, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Myanmar, Thailand, Italy and around the globe. Who would have ever thought we could have such an impact from our local church? Oh may we continue to pray that God will use situation so deeply in our world, in our nation, and in our churches.

May God bless, keep, protect and guide us all through this peculiar season

His grace, provision, and presence be with us all



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    Bizzy says:

    Thanks you Pastor for being our lighthouse in these dark times. Even so, yet we will rejoice in the Lord Our God.
    You’re one in a million !!! God bless

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    Shirley Hirst says:

    Thank you indeed Pastor, Bizzy has expressed my thought exactly.
    How blessed we are to have such ministry, may we grow in grace and wisdom, as we seek to walk close by our Good Shepherd’s side, looking for a harvest of souls for His glory, as the Holy Spirit works in hearts and lives during these challenging times.

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