A New Years Resolution of Faith for 2020

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As we enter another new year, we hear of so many people making new years resolutions. And as noble as they may be, most of them will be sadly broken or forgotten a few weeks into the year. While we all might have areas in our lives we would like to change or be more disciplined in, we soon discover that our own strength and will-power is lacking.


As Christians, we learn that God accomplishes things in our lives that we could never achieve. It’s by His grace (God’s abundant free supply) through Faith (our simple trust and reception to Him) that amazing victories can be experienced once and for all! It’s not by our effort or “pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps”, but by trusting Him, Seeking Him, looking to Him. Some may say “God helps those who help themselves” (found nowhere in The Bible btw!) but perhpas we might say that God helps those who cannot help themselves! When we see our need and look to God, he is able to help and gives grace to those who will humbly receive it (James 4:6).


As we look across the Jordan into another year, like Joshua and Caleb viewing the Promised land, let us believe that it is God who can give us certain victories as we walk by faith. God had said that wherever the sole of your foot shall tread I have given it to you (Josh 1:3). As Caleb has walked across Mount Hebron, where the Sons of Anak were, he believed the promise with every step. It was Mount Hebron that eventually became his inheritance.


So, as Christians, if there are any “new years resolutions” that we might make, may it not be in the weak sincerity of our flesh or will-power, but may it be by faith, by His Spirit, and for his glory. In 2020 may we look to be “resolute” (purposeful, determined, unwavering) in our walk and relationship with God, drawing near to Him and taking steps of faith according to His great and precious promises (2 Pet 1:3-4). May we cry out, in the spirit of caleb, “give me that mountain”! We may be blessed and surprised at what God does for us!

Have Blessed New Year of Faith & Blessings!


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