James and Barbara, who have known each other since they were teenagers, were married in 2015. Due to a promotion with James work, they moved down to the coast from London in 2018. James said that this move was the best thing that could have happened for them, as they then connected to our church in Peacehaven. They recognise the promotion as something God used in their lives to for this blessing in His plan. James and Barbara have become a very special part of this church family and loved by all. They are great encouragers and their daughter Malaika, is a joy and blessing to the church. James now leads a small group and in 2022 was elected as a deacon.

James says “Although I became a Christian back in 2010, accepting Jesus Christ as my personal saviour, my spiritual journey of growth was really took off when I came to PEFC and my inner faith was re-ignited thanks to the amazing word of Grace. I love the way the gospel is shared and communicated, creatively engaging everyone. I love how the leadership and the church family warmly welcomes everyone that walks through the church doors. Being a member of PEFC has given me a great opportunity and encouragement to study and grow in the word, I feel so free and blessed in my walk with The Lord”