Church Membership and Vision

Church Vision and Membership

Vision of this Church

The vision of this church has been defined here to enable us to focus with a common view on the promotion of the Gospel here in Peacehaven.

To encourage active fellowship and spiritual growth as we strive to emulate Christ.
To provide effective and relevant scriptural preaching and teaching.
To continuously evolve worship patterns that meet the changing needs of the fellowship.
To offer an environment where all will find a warm and loving welcome, will feel valued and involved.
To provide a safe environment where all, particularly the young, will yearn to hear the good news of Jesus.
To demonstrate a firm commitment to bring people to the Lord.
To stimulate an awareness of Christ’s kingdom in our own locality, nationally and internationally.
To support the needs of the community by involvement as a church in suitable local activities and through our premises and to use these opportunities to evangelise.

Church Membership

Peacehaven Evangelical Free Church offers membership to all within the fellowship who love the Lord Jesus Christ, have accepted Him as their saviour, accept in totality the Declaration of Faith and who want to affirm their commitment to this church. Membership carries with it obligations to support the church by prayer, attendance, encouragement, giving and service.

Applications for membership will first be considered by the leadership and then placed before a meeting of members. If accepted, on election a new member will be welcomed by the offering of the hand of fellowship at the Lord’s Table.

Should you wish to know more about membership of PEFC, please contact any of the leadership team.