New to this area - or just new to us - welcome!


New to Peacehaven - or just new to us!

Firstly, it is great that you have visited our web site - and we offer you a very great welcome!

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We are a friendly and happy church made up of all ages from babies to retired people with a great diversity from all backgrounds. We have a hearing loop available during services.

Our church is informal, caring and carries a great family orientation from within our own lives, and from the greater family of God; we promise you will be greeted with warmth and friendship.

The atmosphere

You will not find us a church where we judge your background, who you are, where you have come from, or anything about your past. We do not have ultra formal Sunday services listening to the same sermons or singing the same hymns. We do however have a lively music group, fantastic songs and great talks given by people who love God and who help us all to understand Him better.

We offer

We offer a friendly enviornment where we believe Gods love works through Christians as we help others with our friendship, love caring and felowship. We believe in Gods ability to heal those of us that are sick, and to comfort those who need help, and we will pray for those who need healing, and also for those that wish to come to know Jesus for eternal life and salvation through Him.

An interesting read: How and why Christianity. (Click link to a blog page).

What is a Free Church ?

We are not connected to any controling body such as the Church of England, Baptist, Methodist etc.. Instead we simply follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as written in His word - The Bible. We are part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, and you can read more about this Here.

Our Meetings

Throughout the week, we have many different activities and meetings within the church itself and also within the Friendship Centre.

Services include: Sunday Morning Service, Bible Study Homegroup, Prayer Meeting, Doves & Eagles young children's Sunday group.

Other events include: Coffee Mornings, Slimming, Youth Social Group (Chillax), Mothers and Tots, Christianity Explored, Womens Group, and also several other events during each month and throughout the year.

For more information on all of these services and also activities, we welcome you to visit the CALENDAR page, or the menu at the top of the page. We would also welcome all enquiries or questions about the Church, it's services, our faith, or our events by calling us or you can send us an email. Please visit the CONTACT page for more details.