Coffee Pot  †

Coffee Pot

What is Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot has been a great way for an informal get-together for anyone in the neighbourhood who would like to take some time out and enjoy a tea or coffee with their friends.

What Happens at Coffee Pot

It is just a get-together for about an hour or so, where you can invite your friends or meet with regulars. You don't have to go to our church, you don't even have to go to any church to enjoy the company of friends and some fellowship.

Coffee Pot + was started by two people about twenty years ago namely Ron Dalton who still runs it now, and also a lady called Beryl Stephens.

It is free to attend, requiring only an optional donation, and we serve coffee, tea, cakes, sausage rolls and biscuits. We try to remain seasonal and introduce seasonal food where appropriate.

There can be about 30 people attending, and the time is divided between some time to sit and natter, and at the latter part, we have a couple of songs and a short talk.

Sometimes people come just to meet friends, as it can be a bit lonely sometimes at home if you live alone or don't have many people to visit, so come along, bring your friends, or if you like, just come by yourself. You will always receive a great welcome and you will be mixing with many others of a similar age group.

Hope to see you soon, if you would like more information please contact the number listed below.