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‘Causeway Prospects’ is a group that meets at the church monthly and is specifically geared for people with learning difficulties. ‘Causeway Prospects’ is a nationwide organisation which helps such people to lead fulfilled lives. There are roughly 200 groups nationwide and their aim is to teach these folk about God, Jesus and the Bible in a way that they can understand.

Causeway Prospects Meetings

People with learning difficulties often attend church and enjoy the singing and fellowship, but usually find it difficult to follow the sermon and are therefore at risk of not getting the benefit of the teaching of God. The teaching at Causeway Prospects meetings is tailored to their specific needs and is easy for them to understand. By understanding about God in a way that they can absorb and identify with, they are then in a position to know who God is, and what He has done for them through His son Jesus Christ to offer them the gift of eternal salvation, just as He has offered that same gift to everyone who will accept Him.

The meeting consists of singing special Causeway songs with the use of basic musical instruments, simple teaching and prayers which they often speak themselves. After the short meeting, there are refreshments and a time of fellowship.

It is a happy and encouraging meeting for all of us. We all obtain great blessings from God in our fellowship with Him, and we know that our efforts to bring those that have a greater challenge in life to a greater understanding of God also pleases and glorifies His name.

The meetings are held in The Friendship Centre on the 2nd Thursday evening of the Month, starting at 7.30pm, and all comers are made to feel very welcome.

Please view the calendar page for future dates and information. Please contact us on the phone number below if you have any questions about the Causeway group, or if you would like to attend a meeting, or know someone who may want to attend.

Everyone who comes to our group is always given a very warm and loving welcome.

Doreen Hodgeson and Thelma Welch

Group leaders